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      Landmarks near Colosseum

      Looking for something to do or a place to go see near Colosseum? Here is our list of options.

      • Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri
        1.48 Km from Colosseum
        The Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs (Latin: Beatissimae Virgini et omnium Angelorum et Martyrum, Italian: Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri) is a titular basilica church in Rome, built inside the frigidarium of the Baths of Diocletian in the Piazza della Repubblica. The Cardinal priest of the Titulus S. Mariae Angelorum in Thermis is William Henry Keeler.
      • Santa Susanna
        1.57 Km from Colosseum
        The Church of Saint Susanna at the Baths of Diocletian (Italian: Chiesa di Santa Susanna alle Terme di Diocleziano) is a Roman Catholic parish church located on the Quirinal Hill in Rome, Italy. There has been a titular church associated to its site as far back as A.D. 280. The current church was rebuilt from 1585 to 1603 for a monastery of Cistercian nuns founded on the site in 1587 which still exists there. The church has served as the national parish for residents of Rome from the United Stat...
      • Protestant Cemetery, Rome
        1.88 Km from Colosseum
        The Cimitero Acattolico ("Non-Catholic Cemetery") of Rome, often referred to as the Cimitero dei protestanti ("Protestant Cemetery") or Cimitero degli Inglesi ("Englishmen's Cemetery"), is a public cemetery in the rione of Testaccio in Rome. It is near Porta San Paolo and adjacent to the Pyramid of Cestius, a small-scale Egyptian-style pyramid built in 30 BC as a tomb and later incorporated into the section of the Aurelian Walls that borders the cemetery. It was for...
      • San Camillo de Lellis
        1.88 Km from Colosseum
        San Camillo de Lellis is a church on Via Sallustiana, Rome, Italy. It is dedicated to Saint Camillus de Lellis. It was built under Pope Pius X, with construction (under the architect Tullio Passarelli) commencing in 1906 and the first stone being laid by Cardinal Antonio Agliardi. It was consecrated and made a parochial church in 1910, granted to the Chierici Regolari Ministri degli Infermi, the Priest Ministers of the Sick, the order founded by Camillus. In 1965, Pope Paul VI elevated the churc...
      • Campo Testaccio
        1.92 Km from Colosseum
        Campo Testaccio was a multi-use stadium in Rome, Italy. It was initially used as the stadium of A.S. Roma matches. It was replaced by Stadio Nazionale PNF in 1940. The capacity of the stadium was 20,000 spectators.
      • Monte Testaccio
        2.09 Km from Colosseum
      • Old St. Peter's Basilica
        3.49 Km from Colosseum
        Old St. Peter's Basilica was the building that stood, from the 4th to 16th centuries, on the spot where the new St. Peter's Basilica stands today in Vatican City. Construction of the basilica, built over the historical site of the Circus of Nero, began during the reign of Emperor Constantine I. The name "old St. Peter's Basilica" has been used since the construction of the current basilica to distinguish the two buildings.
      • St. Peter's Basilica
        3.49 Km from Colosseum
      • Saint Peter's tomb
        3.49 Km from Colosseum
        Saint Peter's tomb is a site under St. Peter's Basilica that includes several graves and a structure said by Vatican authorities to have been built to memorialize the location of St. Peter's grave. St. Peter's tomb is near the west end of a complex of mausoleums that date between about AD 130 and AD 300. The complex was partially torn down and filled with earth to provide a foundation for the building of the first St. Peter's Basilica during the reign of Constantine I in about AD 330. Though man...
      • Capannelle Racecourse
        9.77 Km from Colosseum
        Capannelle Racecourse (Italian: Ippodromo delle Capannelle) is a horse racing venue in Rome, Italy. The course was constructed in 1881, and it was rebuilt in 1926 to a design by Paolo Vietti-Violi. It is the venue of three Group 1 flat races – the Premio Presidente della Repubblica, the Premio Lydia Tesio and the Premio Roma. The track also stages the most valuable flat race in Italy, the Derby Italiano, which was downgraded to Group 2 status in 2009. Group 2 races include the Premio Ribot. Grou...

      Points of Interest near Colosseum

      Looking for important things or something to do or a place to go see near Colosseum? Here is our list of options.

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      • Pastarito Pizzarito
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        Pastarito Pizzarito Via Gioberti, 25/35, 00185 Roma, Italy
      • Metropolitan City of Rome
        A city that was once the heart of the Roman Empire, and now contains an entire tiny country (and the center of Catholicism) within its borders, Rome doesn’t stop there: a mammoth artistic heritage, two of Europe’s biggest football teams and a penchant for high-class fashion are also just waiting to be uncovered.

        The Vatican is the place to start, where artwork and shapely architecture seems to appear round every corner. You won’t meet the Pope, but you can climb to the platforms of St Peter’s Basilica and explore the dusty archives of the astonishingly vast Vatican Museum. To get there you’ll walk the cobbled streets from the Tiber, passing old Roman houses before arriving amongst the expansive, symmetrical courtyard in which the Pope waves to the masses from a balcony after first being sworn in.

        Try a magnificent climb to the Cupola to see the perfect view of the St. Peter's Square. Roam down the underground Grotto to see the tombs of the Popes and other Roman royalties.

        Grab an ice cream, and head over to the sites the other side of the Tiber, which include the magnificent but crumbling Colosseum, the small but beautiful pools of the Trevi Fountain (take some small change to throw in), and the Roman grandeur of countless uncovered ruins and crumbling yet exquisite churches. Think ‘Angels and Demons’ on a far grander scale.

        It’s not all about history, though: Rome’s streets are coated with designer brands, while the residents shoot around the streets on stylish motorbikes, pausing only for super-strength coffee and to chomp on slices of perfectly made pizza straight from a window on a street corner. Sitting outside in any one of the many plazas and simply absorbing the vibe, cold beer in hand, is enough to feel at the heart of it.

        For the large part Rome is loud and brash, but every bit as charming and invigorating as its reputation would lead you to believe. Try to catch an evening soccer game at the magnificent Stadio Olimpico, or spend your days watching the abundant priests drift down crumbling cobbled streets in their swaying robes amongst nude statues, tiny fountains and perfectly formed buildings. Rome might no longer be the capital of the world, but it is an essential travel experience.
        Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
      • Viale di Trastevere
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        Viale di Trastevere, 237/B, 00153 Roma, Italy
      • Vatican City
        Both a country within a city and a city within a country, the Catholic heartland of the Vatican lies entirely within the boundaries of ancient Rome, and is guarded by the heavily trained and garishly clad Swiss Guard. It’s also one of the countries least likely to ask you for your passport on entering, the smallest sovereign state in the world, and perhaps the country with the highest density of tourists compared to residents of any on earth.

        The independence of the Vatican is actually relatively new, established in 1929 in an agreement between Mussolini and the Pope which gave the Catholic leadership – at the time a newly landless elite – control of the area around St. Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel, as well as several un-adjoined sites around the city.

        Start by trying to find the point on the Piazza where you can see only one row of columns all around you (there are in fact five), before climbing the steps to St. Peter’s, comfortably the largest basilica in the world, and coated with art and monuments painted by the Italian greats, including Michelangelo. Saunter up the dome, and you can stare down over a mighty city panorama, or dip below the high alter on a tour and explore the relics hidden deep below.

        The Sistine Chapel – the spot where a new Pope is elected that then becomes his private chapel – is home to more masterpieces from Michelangelo and Boticelli, as well as a sensational assortment of 15th century frescoes, while the Vatican Museum is a selection of treasures gifted to the church, and includes exhibits from Greece and Egypt alongside a startling range of significant Roman art. You could easily wile away hours here; the Vatican on the whole is a simply incredible artistic heartland.

        This particular country can be accessed by local bus or subway from the more touristy parts of Rome, and it’s also a massive part of the charm of Italy’s capital. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the majesty of a destination like this, which resonates with feeling at every turn and stuns with its architecture and art.
        Vatican City 00120 Vatican City
      • Viale XXIV Maggio
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        Viale XXIV Maggio, 7, 04100 Latina LT, Italy
      • Rome Ciampino Airport
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        Rome Ciampino Airport Via Appia Nuova, 1651, 00040 Roma RM, Italy
      • Casabianca
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        Casabianca, 00043 Ciampino RM
      • Leonardo da Vinci International Airport
        No info yet.. Please go to this page and enter some.
        Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Via dell' Aeroporto di Fiumicino, 320, 00054 Fiumicino RM, Italy

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      Climate near Colosseum

      Do you know of anything else about the enviroment that makes you happy to come to Colosseum? If it's a city or neighbourhood are there any climatic, or microclimatic features that you could tell others about. If the location is a building or place, then can you describe it maybe as "sun-lit", or "cold in the mornings". We'd love you to contribute - why not let us know in the drop box below

      Graphic showing average weather in Colosseum in Celcius and Centimeters (Change to Farenheit and Inches)

      Month Temp °C Rainfall Cm Temp °F Rainfall Inches
      Jan 7.1 98 44.8 38.6
      Feb 8.2 86 46.8 33.9
      Mar 10.6 82 51.1 32.3
      Apr 13.7 76 56.7 29.9
      May 17.7 59 63.9 23.2
      Jun 21.8 38 71.2 15
      Jul 24.5 17 76.1 6.7
      Aug 24.3 27 75.7 10.6
      Sep 21.2 78 70.2 30.7
      Oct 16.6 129 61.9 50.8
      Nov 11.8 130 53.2 51.2
      Dec 8.6 118 47.5 46.5

      Travel Info

      Latest news from Colosseum

      Events near by Colosseum

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        Google Reviews Colosseum

        Here are some reviews of Colosseum - don't forget to let us know how you got on by using the drop box at the bottom of the page, or joining our community and making a review.

        • OMG I wrote such an amazing review of this place but lost it when I added photos. So sad! We had a great tour guide who really made the experience of how Roman life must have been here over 2000 years ago. It's a must see and we loved the whole experience. The views of the surrounding area is fantastic and there are artifacts and ruins all around which are most intriguing.
        • Probably the best attraction in Rome. I won't bore you with all the details, but here is a little trick. Ignore the street sellers trying to offer you tickets, and do no go and queue in the line near the entrance. Head over towards the arch, and near the entrance to the Roman forum you will see a small ticket office. Get your tickets there and the cut straight past everyone waiting at the Colosseum.
        • Of course you should go. There are many choices, with or without guide, but even from outside is a very nice walk. Download all apps you can before, then you will enjoy better the view and the feeling of such an important place. It is important to have a mental image of the ancient status of the building. Check how much time Romans expend to make it.
        • The place speaks for itself! It's an incredible structure. I would recommend paying to go in, it's about €12 for a ticket Inc. the forum, well worth it if you have any interest in ancient Rome, or even if you don't! We went around 9am on Monday morning and didn't have to queue at all.
        • Had the luxury to visit on a wonderfully sunny day. Book your tickets in advance online if you're not keen on a guided tour and don't fall prey to the 'guides' around the area. The security check line tends to be long, but it moves quite fast. Make sure to find your way to the second floor for best views.


        Here are some reviews of Colosseum - don't forget to let us know how you got on by using the drop box at the bottom of the page, or joining our community and writing a review.

        Capacity Category

        • Great attraction, but too many people!
          I’ve been to Rome three times and have visited the Colosseum twice. The last time being in September last year. It’s one of the world wonders, so there is no doubt it’s Rome’s major tourist attraction. The Colosseum is quite impressive, however the interior disappointed me a little. Especially since there are too many people at the same time. All of them taking selfies, which made the experience terrible. You had to queue all the time just because everyone was wasting time with their camera. My advice, just stick to the surroundings of the Colosseum or take a tour when it’s off-season. If you do, buy tickets in advance online or queue up on the ticketbooth near the entrance to the Roman forum. Get your tickets there and the cut straight past everyone waiting at the Colosseum.
          • 30s
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          • Single
          • No Disability
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