day-trip Bangkok suggestion
Can you recommend some places near Bangkok for a-day-trip by train or bus ? Thank you
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    Nakhonpathom - Train ticket not over 20 baht for 1 person from Bangkok train station(Hualumpong)
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    Hire a driver and go out to the king and queens palace the gardens are beautiful (ayuthullaha). or pattaya, chon buri
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    Catch the first train to Konchanaburi, 100TBH. See some WWII museums, bridge over Kwai. Good scenery.
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    All of the above, except Pattaya, are fantastic... I would add Kao Yai National Park and Ampowa floating market..
Answer @ 1/27/2018 4:40:11 PM by GB79A
Monkey temple at Lopburi is a good day out. There's a zoo there too. Khao yai for a weekend trip or my fav Ayutthaya! One day there is enough, you can enjoy the most beautiful temples. The train is about 40baht
Answer @ 1/26/2018 11:40:11 PM by Gfury66
There are not really too many places that are good for a day trip as BKK is very different from other cities like Hong Kong, most require a stay overnight or two nights stay, such as Kanchanaburi, Phetchabun, or Hua Hin (it makes no sense to drive four hours and then drive four hours back in the same day). Bang Krachao is a great option, though, as it's right next to the center of Bangkok and you can take a motorbike directly to the pier from Bang Na station for about 20 baht. This island is truly a special gem,
Answer @ 2/4/2018 12:40:11 AM by HGarcía
The folding up railway market at Mekong. What a clicketty clakkety jungle train adventure and what a sight to see when you arrive! Just do it with google maps cos the connecting train is across an impressive river and hard to find on the other side. Also check your timing, train schedule and returning trains are limited. But there are always many other ways to get back if you miss the last train.
Answer @ 2/2/2018 2:40:11 AM by SusanaBustamente
Take a long boat trip down the furthest back khlongs of BKK where orchid farms are etc. Not the normal snake farm etc but ask for something not on the books.

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