What to do about local Japanese kids playing on train platform
Every day (Weekday) I see (small) 6yr / 7yr old children playing, and running around the on train platform after school. It feels so dangerous, but none of the train staff or adults say anything. ‬ Can anyone tell me why this is allowed??
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    Are the children playing on the train tracks or just the platform? If just the platform and you think playing a bit is dangerous, um...Yeah it's your problem. They generally know their limits. If you see them being outright dangerous, yell at them in English, it'll scare em straight.
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    Can you tell which school they attend? People call the school to complain when kids are goofing off.
Answer @ 8/30/2017 12:27:33 PM by hautegaronne110
If you want to be a busy body and tell them it is dangerous and stop running, you can. (eki no ho-mu de hashiranaide-ne. Abunai-yo.) I did when some kids were playing tag inside a seven eleven once
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    I always say abuni-yo! I don’t Give AF if the parents are around or not. If some kids running around and plow into me, or goofing off near busy cars etc. they usually listen.

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