Japan holiday research - is tipping required?
We are americans and have done a fair amount of traveling the world. But never to Japan. That is coming up next trip in March. What is the protocol with regards to tipping in Japan?
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Answer @ 2/11/2018 5:31:44 AM by hour_Wallacetown
Tipping in Japan is not the custom (unless maybe in the case of an extra service you've requested) and you might want to know that it is officially discouraged. However, a small token of appreciation — such as a souvenir of your home town — might be nice gesture for people who have been very helpful. Do note that Japanese may appear to refuse gifts once or twice, and then graciously accept. Keep going it in doubt. For Porters at places like ports, airports and train stations will charge a displayed set fee. Many Hotels, ryokan and restaurant/bars will add a 10%-15% service charge to the bill.

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