Gift ideas for someone working in Kamikochi, Nagano

In need of ideas!

My fiancé is a chef, and his place of work just assigned him to work in Kamikochi, Nagano for the next *eight-months.* Its a beautiful area, but there is literally nothing but wilderness for miles. I was going to get him a subscription to Hulu, but he ended up doing that himself before me. Anyone else have any suggestions for something I could gift to help him pass the time? Maybe like an online manga subscription? Note: he can’t speak English, so Japanese recs are greatly appreciated!

Notes: thanks for the suggestions so far! Regretfully he doesn't have full days / weekends off-- only a few hours in the evening. As such, camping or outdoor sporting equipment might not be the best fit. ^^;; Also, he'll be living in a dorm, so pets are unfortunately a no-go.

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    Hiking boot and a camera
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    Why would you try and keep him indoors with all of Nagano around him!?
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    How about learning English? Its a pretty useful language, there are many free apps, and even hour per day will do miracle. I find learning foreign languages very thrilling
Answer @ 11/13/2017 1:40:52 PM by outgoingcooler
Kamikochi is pretty hardcore isolated especially in winter but I’m guessing he’ll be back before then as it pretty much closes down! If he’s into hiking or photography he’s set though! The place is PACKED during weekends for most of the season so I’m guessing sleep will be high in his list after work! If you ever come visit I’m between Matsumoto IC and Kamikochi.
Answer @ 11/13/2017 2:40:52 AM by shyesttoothed690
A couple of the tour guide magazine/catalogs for Nagano & a list of local train passes? There are so many great onsens!
Answer @ 11/12/2017 7:40:52 AM by huskymile302

Books mate.

Give him a chance to disconnect and really think about life in all its beauty, its probably the best gift you could possibly give him. All these distractions are just that - distractions. Looking for ways to pass the time to keep your mind off of the things that really matter is ridiculous, and things like TV and manga can be detrimental to social life and effectively diminish his overall happiness and quality of life.

If you have to get him something, get him some classic books like Thoreau or Emerson, or some history books/educational books, or a set of paints and a few canvases or something.

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