What is the most intriguing country you have been too and why?
Tell us where you went, when you went, what you saw, and why it was so interesting?
Answer @ 7/30/2017 6:58:23 PM by HighwayWinder
For me, as a Westerner, it’s Japan - truly a kaleidoscope of lifestyles and images, local cultures and beliefs: the rice farmers in rural heartlands and the subway millions of teeming Tokyo; the Zen Buddhist monks and the fad-obsessed teenaged fashion victims; the solemn temple ceremony or the hellish din of the pachinko parlor; exquisite temple architecture or all-pervasive soulless concrete apartment building.
Answer @ 3/23/2018 6:55:01 PM by Solopes
For the same reason, but in opposite directions, USA and Morocco. In both places I felt "Out of scale".
We all develop a pattern of distances and timings that frame our entire life. In my first trip to America, visiting Florida, everything seemed so big, so time consuming, that it really became uncomfortable.
In the first time in Morocco, the visit of the Medina, in Fes, produced the opposite sensation - the streets with much less than one meter wide (some of them covered forcing us to duck down), shops with one square meter, and people and donkeys jostling everywhere, seemed irreal, and at a different scale. In my following visits, well prepared, the sensation was weaker.

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