NYE in Medellin - Looking for party!!
Can anyone recommend a social/party hostel to spend new year at in Medellìn? Thanks
Answer @ 11/20/2017 6:14:57 PM by rigidrapid
I live in medellin. NYE isn't a huge thing for Colombians and is more family focused - I have some mates coming to stay from England so also looking for the gringo party!
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    Me too, flying in on new years day with my mate deffo looking for a party.. Is Medellin quiet during the week?
Answer @ 11/18/2017 2:14:57 PM by severetrader
I can’t believe Medellin won’t be party central for New Years. Happy Buddha is a good choice if you’re looking for a party hostel but it can be crazy so be prepared. Galería and Purple Monkey are also good if you want a social hostel but want to get some sleep as well. Be careful tho, there are two Galería hostels in Medellin and the one closer to Purple Monkey was dead when we were there. Never went to Black Sheep but heard good things, I think it’s just a bit far out of the way supposedly? Have fun, Medellin is amazing!
Answer @ 11/20/2017 4:14:57 AM by NzNoob
Wandering paisa backpacker in Laureles - Cool vibes, events, wii, fun district.
Answer @ 11/23/2017 5:14:57 AM by MrEasygoing
Happy buddha is a good party hostel. Even if you dont stay here its still has a nice bar and a cool young vibe that you can just come and hang out with friends

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