Can you be randomly "tricked" into "converting" to Buddhism?
Yes, this is legit, and the story is hilarious.
So, my husband was approached by a young woman and her mother about being an English tutor for her (the daughter). He made plans to meet up with said daughter one evening, under the understanding that they were meeting up to get coffee and practice English.
Well, they guided him to a random office building-turned-Buddhist community center, already had a paper filled out (only needing his name and birthday), marched him upstairs, and he found himself front and center doing a 5-minute long special prayer/chant (he had read from a book while holding beads) and then a woman read off of an official looking sheet while facing him. Then they dropped him back off at the train station, essentially saying "oh! It's too bad we didn't get to practice any English, maybe next time!"
Then she asked about meeting again and my husband was like "uh... I'm good..." but he wanted me to go to see if this was just a random thing. I agreed to meet for lunch, and then exact same thing happened! I tried to [politely] weasel out of it, but the passive-aggressive way they pushed me into it was... clearly effective?
Now my husband and I have matching beads and are planning on ghosting this family.
The end. Thoughts?
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Answer @ 1/13/2017 5:07:44 AM by blackbug
Traditional Buddhism does not try to convert people even the japanese Shinto version which is more of a business would ever do that. This sounds more like an off shoot cult which there are many in japan. So please get out while you can as this story does not sound like it will have a happy ending.
Answer @ 1/14/2017 10:07:44 PM by strangestprance
Those are cults and not related to Buddhism. They just borrow the decorum to make it nicer and legit but it is what it is, a cult. Got followed on the beach, while working, by a weirdo with a Bible. Staff had to firmly kick her away for us to finish working. Was a cult in disguise too. When you are a leader on the market, you just have to let the branding work for you, no need for shady sales reps
Answer @ 1/14/2017 11:07:44 PM by goldenmouse1993
It happened to me too. When i came to Jp, my hubby introduced me to some of his workmates who were Buddhist and they knew some little English. We would go the temple whenever am bored. I went there 3 times and gave up. Now 4 months not been there.I boldly told them am a CATHOLIC and REALLY catholics don't convert.Didn't sign anything though.

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