what is the purpose of MyNumber Japan?
Can someone please tell me what the purpose of MyNumber is? Or more specifically, what kinds of services am I unable to do without it? Today I was unable to do an international money order because I needed the MyNumber card. Seeing as I've never had to use it since receiving it, it came as a surprise. I'd like to avoid future surprises if possible. Thanks!
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Answer @ 9/3/2017 10:50:24 AM by JulieM87
My Number is a way to track who has how much money & what they do with it. While compared to a Social Security Number (for the US) it really doesn’t serve the same purpose.
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    Yes a mentioned above it's like a social security number. It's mandatory even for foreigners. Anyway the card itself isn't duty. You probably received a paper with your number after you arrive in Japan.
Answer @ 9/10/2017 1:50:24 AM by Emily72
You really don't need one if you don't want to go through the hassle. Many of my Japanese coworkers told me they (and many other Japanese people) don't have it and that it's not important. The card it's self isn't necessary. But you definitely need the paper. Which people are and were sent automatically. to this day, I don't even know which number it is on the card but I always show the card and people are happy (I let them figure out which number it is....) :):)
Answer @ 9/3/2017 8:50:24 PM by HarryC
If you are making an International remittance they require you to show it to them. Western Union and others, started this I think last year.
Answer @ 9/4/2017 12:50:24 AM by AgangaD65
You need the number, not necessarily the photoid card. The number itself is required for various financial transactions like opening a bank account or wiring large amounts of money. It is being phased in so in another couple of years it will be required for a great many transactions. When confirming your my number the bank etc is also required to confirm your identity. This is done at once with a photo mynumber card. But if you only have the paper card you need to show some personal id to prove that the number is yours. Therefore the mynumber photoid is quite convenient. However it is also incredibly powerful and useful for identity theft, so there are arguments for and against carrying it around with you. Btw the primary intention is to avoid money laundering and tax evasion by tying financial accounts and transactions to a known person. That is why the first submission for which it is required is a tax filing form.

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