Fines on bahn trains
I forgot to bring my bahn ticket today, and got controlled. They said if I don't live here, I have to pay on the spot. Otherwise, they would call the police and things would get more complicated. Since it's my fault I completely complied and paid the fine. Does this remain on my record? Is another offense going to get me in further trouble?
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    which 'record' do you mean? There is one official called "Führungszeugnis" (Certificat of good conduct) that you can get from the Bundesjustizamt. European nationals with German residency can get their "Europäisches Führingszeignis". There are only your 'criminal offences' listed. Administrative offences aren't filed (my record would be huge if it was) lol.
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    If you paid, you don't get it on your record.
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    Nah mate, you paid, you're good.
Answer @ 1/18/2017 11:08:14 AM by FLudwig78
If you get caught multiple times the BVG can sue you but it's if they think you never bought a ticked as it was cheaper to pay a fine from time to time than actually having a ticket so don't worry if it's only one time, you risk nothing.

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