Anmeldung for less than 180 days per year
I have a question regarding the Anmeldung.

My main residence is in France where I pay taxes and have health insurance (paid for my employer as I work remotely on a France-based contract) but I’m also renting an apartment here in Berlin where I spend less than 180 days a year.

I haven’t done the Anmeldung so far as I understand I would them have to pay double taxations, is that right? Is there a way for me to register (if it’s mandatory at all since I live here less than 180 days a year) without paying all the taxes double?
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    You'll never have to pay double taxes within the EU
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    There is an additional tax for having a flat on Berlin while not living here as your main location ("Zweitwohnungssteuer")
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    Yes I saw that, 5% from your rent I think, but I think you can only have a Zweitwohnsitz if the main residence is also in Germany
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    yes, only applies for second house, both being in germany
Answer @ 3/14/2019 8:00:00 PM by costivedowntown79
At least with Spain (and it must be similar), if you are active there (contracted or freelancing), you can ask for a document that stated that, I think it's the E106 in our case, and you take it to the krankenkasse and you are fully covered here as well.

I was told about this option by the "Seguridad Social" which is where you pay your taxes for freelancing, but also applies to contracted people. You will need to check how it is for France, but this applies to any EU country
Answer @ 3/20/2019 6:00:00 PM by MLangston86
You need a tax advisor to help you with this. You need to register your fiscal residence in one country, sounds like you want France.

When you have this you will submit it to the tax authorities in Germany for approval.

You still have to register your residence here but you can do that as a “Zweitwohnsitz”.

But you do need to get your papers sorted or you will have troubles if both countries want taxes from you.
Answer @ 3/27/2019 2:00:00 PM by Durandforward
There are double taxation agreements between EU states so you will not pay double taxes at all. Its all automated.

Once you register with town Hall they send automatically all data to ministry of finance, and once they know that your primary residence is France and your secondary residence is Germany they apply the rules for double taxation.

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