Moving to London with Dogs
Hi all!! Moving to London this summer from the states. What steps should I be taking to ensure my dog gets over safely?
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Answer @ 2/12/2019 8:00:00 AM by undulateespecially89
I’m heading over in March with my pup, a lab. I’m using a pet relocation company, World Pet Travel. So far they’ve been great. If you aren’t planning to use a relocation company, I’m happy to help you through the steps for transport, at least what we have learned. Let me know!
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    How did the move go?
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    it went great. I got to our home by 11a and they delivered the dog home by 330/4p. We made sure to give him plenty of time to rest (I needed It too!) and then just made sure to walk and get him acclimated and it’s been great since!
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    After knowing what you know now, would you do anything differently? Do you think you could've handled it without?
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    I probably would have just tried to worry less. I think I could have tried it on my own, but I was Informed that you HAVE to hire a person (3rd party) to help at the airport at drop off, to sign off on paperwork since they are government docs (atleast from the states to the UK) so I’d probably do it all the same way bc WPT arranged all of that, it was one less thing for me to worry about when I was already a hotmess. When/If we move back to the s

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