Short let apartment cleaning responsiblity
Hello! I'm an expat in France, really, but spending a month in London soon... and I'm wondering if anybody knows the laws for short lets ... the owner of my place wants me to hire a housekeeper at the end of my stay, and I find that really weird.

I've never had to do that anywhere before for any length of stay. Is this an English thing?

The contract says both 1. that the landlord will clean or pay for a cleaner before the tenant moves in, but then 2. that the tenant will clean or pay for a cleaner to the standard that it was when they moved in, before they leave. I'm not a great housekeeper.

And it's not like I'm going to have time to do laundry for the sheets on the morning I leave or anything, and will use the kitchen and whatnot...

But what I don't get is if the next renter is coming in the day after I leave (which I already know), and their contract says the landlord will be cleaning it before they arrive... I feel like the landlord is just getting ME to pay for the housekeeper and then waste a day of my trip at home with her.... It would make much more sense for the housekeeper to come in the afternoon once I've left, then she can do the sheets/laundry and everything will really be ready.
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    You mean someone to do one time cleaning? Yes it's normal but you're only responsible for the space you rented.
Answer @ 7/9/2019 6:00:00 PM by Malana_1974
I think they mean an end of let clean which is standard when you rent long term and I think reasonable for a short let UNLESS your happy to do this yourself.

If you don't wish to then fair enough but if your happy to, the landlord shouldn't force you to hire someone. What does your contract say? Please note the law is on the side of the landlords in the UK unlike France.

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