scoliosis brace in luggage allowance
We leave next month on our 15 day cruise/land tour.

My granddaughter was just diagnosed with scoliosis and has to wear a stiff plastic jacket body brace at night.

I know it won’t count against our luggage allowance since it’s a medical device but I need to find a suitable bag/case to put it in for the flight and land portion of our trip.

It’s too large for a typical carry on size case.

I do have a rolling duffle that will hold it but I’m concerned about it getting crushed.

It’s made out of hard plastic. Any suggestion?
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    Carry on as is. maybe in a plastic bag
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    The Orthopedic staff gave my son's brace a bag for it. It's just a nylon sack. Maybe you can ask the one who supplied it?
Answer @ 7/8/2019 9:00:00 PM by SamiraF
My son wore a brace 24/7 for a few years when he was 3-5, followed by spinal fusions at 5 and 7.

If you can something breathable would be best, so it can get a little air.

Be sure to clean the brace regularly so it doesn't stink, and watch for pressure areas of redness since it is new.

Have a wonderful trip.
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    Thanks so much! I’m glad she only has to wear it at night. She’s 12 and will have wear it until she stops growing. They told us to wipe down the inside with alcohol every morning so I’ll make sure that’s done. Hope your son is doing ok now.
Answer @ 7/16/2019 5:00:00 PM by trashbag
Just a suggestion . She could wear the brace onto the plane and after take off , she could take it off & put in pillow case or such at her feet.

Less baggage and the plastic is very durable. My daughter wore one for 23 hrs out of the day for @2.5 yrs.

Good luck and hope you all have a wonderful trip

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