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    A breathtaking and rustic capital, Petra – if it were not for being in the little known corner of Arabia that is Jordan – would probably be acclaimed along side the likes of Cairo and Rome in terms of cities that those with any interest in history just have to see.

    Once the capital of the magnificent Nabataean Kingdom before being absorbed into the Roman Empire more than two centuries ago, many of the stone, pillared structures of Petra still stand tall, and became a smash tourist draw in the late 80s after being featured in an Indiana Jones movie. The ruins themselves are actually a massive archaeological park these days, protected by UNESCO, and entered through a lengthy and picturesque sandstone valley known as Siq.

    On exiting the valley you’ll find yourself staring at the Treasury, a building that’s rumoured to hold the lost treasure of a pharaoh in its ornate urn (check out the pock marks where explorers have tested the theory). Take a good look around and you’ll come across all kinds of wonders, from the facades of countless tombs built into the cliff sides to a 7000-seat theatre adapted by the Romans and still in sporadic use to this day.

    Most stay in the archaeological area and soak up the sights (arrive at the crack of dawn if you want to beat the crowds), but some more intrepid adventurers head past the Monastery and trek for several hours to Jabal Haroun peak, taking the chance to stare down at it all and out across the craggy desert scenery for miles around. If you have a second or third day, this gives a great alternative angle on the sights, while another soaring viewpoint can be found at the ‘High Place of Sacrifice’, where numerous tombs lie on the hilltop and add weight to the spooky name.

    There’s so much history to research and discover around Petra that those with historical leanings could bed down for weeks without any risks of getting bored. For us mere mortals, a day or three amongst some of the world’s most impressive ruins is more than striking enough.
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    • Dana

      People sometimes talk about 'off-the-beaten-path' destinations, and then you show up and there is a McDonalds & an Irish bar already there... Dana is truly off-the-beaten-path.

      Whenever you can drive into a town with three hotels, but even the locals do not know which of the 20 buildings are your hotel, you know you are off the tourist radar. There are no restaurants or bars, you are fully secluded from the world outside of Dana Village and Wadi Dana.

      Dana Biosphere nature reserve, is a gem hidden in Jordan waiting to be explored. Gorgeous green valleys that contrast with the deserts of the south and the region around the dead sea. There are many great walks to be done, the best begins at the very edge of the village. The hills are dotted with goats and very hospital shepherds who will all offer you some tea. As it is not yet a big tourist destination, you will have the views mostly to yourself.

      Founded in 1989, Wadi Dana is Jordan’s largest nature reserve, and the only nature reserve to cross four bio-geographical zones. This nature reserve features wind-cut sandstone cliffs.

      Dana, Jordan

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    Graphic showing average weather in Petra in Celcius and Centimeters (Change to Farenheit and Inches)

    Month Temp °C Rainfall Cm Temp °F Rainfall Inches
    Jan 12.8 47.6 55 18.7
    Feb 14.4 43.9 57.9 17.3
    Mar 17.4 35.4 63.3 13.9
    Apr 21.7 13.4 71.1 5.3
    May 25.7 3.8 78.3 1.5
    Jun 28.8 0 83.8 0
    Jul 30.1 0 86.2 0
    Aug 30.3 0 86.5 0
    Sep 28.3 0 82.9 0
    Oct 24.8 2 76.6 0.8
    Nov 19.1 16 66.4 6.3
    Dec 14.2 44.8 57.6 17.6

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      Google Reviews Petra

      Here are some reviews of Petra - don't forget to let us know how you got on by using the drop box at the bottom of the page, or joining our community and making a review.

      • This is a beautiful place to visit. I went with a group, which is probably a good way to go. The scenery is breathtaking. Make sure to get a sand camel art in a jar.
      • An absolute must see. It's really indescribable until you see it in person. Well preserved and an absolute joy to explore. I suggest taking your time and walking around for a day. You won't be disappointed.
      • If you are in Jordan you definitely should visit this plase. One of the new wonders of the world, fantastic historical place with a lot of awesome views, buildings, tombs. Any picture can't describe how beautiful this old city
      • I'm so pleased I have finally visited Petra. I started my journey early morning and spent most of the day exploring. I walked the entire day and enjoyed every moment. Well worth a trip to Petra.
      • Excellent site and a must see in Jordan. If you enjoy hiking and seeing all the different parts take at least 2 days or more at the site. We wary of the sellers and animal handlers and always negotiate prices.
      • Petra is one of those places you need to visit if you ever have the chance. It can take hours to get there on a bus,especially if you are coming from Amman, but it's worth the drive. If you have a Jordanian passport, entry is $1, for the rest of us tourists, entry runs $75USD per person. Not sure if kids are less. Plan on several hours of walking, and get a map. The best way is to go directly to the very back of the park and take your time coming back. It will take 60-90 min briskly walking the 4km to the back, and 3+ hours coming back and exploring the area. The route is lined with souvenir stands, so don't get attached to anything and negotiate hard. Water can be brought in, so carry at least half a gallon per person. I went in with a gallon and was empty 5hrs later getting on the bus. Drinks are expensive, expect $2-$5 per drink and type of drink. Negotiate the price for everything. Overall it's a great time, just do a little planning and carry some water.
      • Definitely worth the visit. Make sure you hike up to the Monastery that is far better than the treasury. Worth the visit you will be rewarded with a cold drink at the top.
      • We had a great tour to Petra. Went all the way to monastery. Highly recommend to stop by a cave run by a New Zealand woman who married a Bedouin and buy her book called “ Married to a Bedouin”.
      • Beautiful place that you must visit. Go there later in the day if possible. The park does not close before all tourists leave the park and it's not as crowded as in the morning. You might get the treasury all to yourself. Didn't like all the horses and donkeys running everywhere.
      • Amazing scenery, the horse and trap drivers are verging on dangerous but useful if you only want to see the treasury. Lots of walking for the best experience but be aware the surface is uneven with a long slope to walk back up. Toilets and drinks available at various places.
      • I had never considered what might be around the site of the Treasury itself, but the 1-2/2 KLM walk down a gorge strewn with grave sites, and breathtaking, towering rock formations is almost as good as the Treasury and surrounding sites. Good shoes and water essential. Easy walk but I managed to split my shoes....
      • Awesome trek and history. The work of ancient men is amazing. was used for some sacrifice in the name of some religion. If u don't like to walk use the carts. The trek is easy but very long. If you are used to daily walking you will be able to make it. There are a lot of these huge temples. From the lower temple there is another long hike. At the end is another temple. Dont expect it to be extraordinarily better. At best it is a little less intricate. but the walk is fun.
      • Words cannot express the wonder of the ancient town. Amazing how they were able to construct such a settlement thousands of years ago. Worth the trip.
      • Some of the coolest and oldest ruins I've ever seen. It's amazing to wander the vast relatively well preserved ruins and be in awe of amazing it must have been in its time and the civilizations that have lived in the area since.
      • Been there 8 times and still would love to go again Petra is a big city, it's not only that popular photo of Al Khazne you see everywhere! There are many spots to walk to and climb in Petra, you can't see all of it in one day, so give it the time it deserves to explore and enjoy it x)
      • Amazing place to visit. Not really well organized for what they charge as entrance. Very poor tourist service. Yet to visit there as it's something wonderful.
      • What an amazing place to visit and spend your time there , it's one of the seven wonders you will need about 3 days to go around it all and see everything , it's great day time and night time walking , seeing the pink rocks and how they managed to get the water to where they lived , how they did that amazing peace of arts , nothing looks like it at all you will need a good walking shoes and lots of water , highly recommended , enjoyed my time there and. Definitely going back again .
      • Historical place +good sights. Bring water and wear good walking shoes and change of clothing when you get sweaty. We went in the summer, so it was really humid and warm.
      • A truely stunning experience to see this ancient city. If you don't fancy such a large walk you can drive to little Petra and take the back way down, instead of going in through the visitors centre. Found this was a good way as you approach the treasury as the finale.
      • Beautiful place and amazing the carved those buildings out of the rock . A lot of walking but they have donkeys, horses and camel's if you can't walk. Some of the animals are not treated right. Lot of shops around , they sell fake silver and make sure to haggle
      • I completely enjoyed my visit to Petra. I highly recommend visiting. Two thumbs up. There are a lot of Ruin's to see, give yourself extra time. I really liked staying at the Bedoin camp. It was a long bus ride from Jerusalem.
      • The ruins are amazing, definitely a wonder of the world. The site could be a better visiting experience, though, if they prohibited horses/donkeys (this leads to a urine smell in the canyons, doesn’t help with the site floor preservation, attracts flies, and apparently the animals are treated poorly).


      Here are some reviews of Petra - don't forget to let us know how you got on by using the drop box at the bottom of the page, or joining our community and writing a review.

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      • Traveling from here to Eternity
        The Kingdom of Jordan is located in the Western Asia on the East Banks of Jordan. The country is named after the Jordan River, which means ‘come to’. This definition is the true face of Jordan, where hospitality has been the key to tourism and with the country being the safest in the Middle East, Jordan has allowed many travelers to explore and fulfill their curiosity while traveling across the country.

        Jordan has a tradition of welcoming visitors for decades now from camel caravans to Nabataean tradesmen, Roman legionnaires, Muslim armies or zealous Crusaders, Jordan has welcomed them with open arms. Every generation who has passed through the land, has left behind impressive monuments. The monuments, including the Roman amphitheaters, crusader castles and Christian mosaics. When traveling to Jordan, you have the privilege to be in the presence of one of the World’s Wonders: Petra. Petra is the ancient Nabataean city. The city is locked in the heart of Jordan’s sandstone escarpments. When your footsteps bring you to Petra, you will find yourself face to face to the jewel in the crown of the country’s many antiquities.

        Petra is the essence of the search of antiquity and the origins of faith. The moment you come face to face with the Necropolis of Petra and its pink cliffs, only then you will understand how the Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt felt in 1812 when it saw Petra for the first time. But the Bedouin was the first habitants in the city, a city that was partly built to honor the dead. When walking on the sacred path in the sunlight to Al-Khazneh, the Treasury, this feeling never fails to impress visitors.

        Happiness is just around the corner when visiting Petra

        The mysterious city of Petra is half built and half carved into the rock while being surrounded by mountains, mysterious passages and gorges. The city is an endless beauty of its own and it has endless possibilities to explore it and continue to discover it everyday. Petra has become one of the world's most famous archaeological sites, where ancient Eastern traditions blend with Hellenistic architecture. For travelers willing to have a glimpse of the Middle East culture, identity or origins, Petra is the perfect place to start the journey.

        The hidden secrets of Petra
        In the ancient city you can visit Siq, the Treasury, High Place of Sacrifice, Royal Tombs and many more. When exploring Petra, you can see the fusion of Hellenistic architectural buildings with traditional Nabataean temple/tombs, including the Khasneh, the Urn Tomb, the Palace Tomb, the Corinthian Tomb and the Deir which represent a unique artistic achievement and an outstanding architectural ensemble of the first centuries. When wandering in the streets of Petra, you will be amazed by the diversity ensemble in architectural and archeological monuments date in prehistoric to the medieval periods. And this is an incredible testament to the rich Petra’s history, traditions, cuisine, identity and deep understanding of harmony among the different cultures.

        When you feel lost and the need to belong, Petra should be the destination to help you reinvent yourself among the sandstones, arid valleys, the canyon, and desert landscapes. You have the ability to go behind the city of Petra and embrace the open space of this carved city. Get to know the authentic Arabian experiences and the laid-back way of life in Petra and its residents. When walking in the streets of Petra and tasting the dusty history, remember to stop in one of the vibrant restaurants, relax and let everything go. You are here to stay so; explore, explore and explore. Welcome in the incredible city of Petra.

        Happy Traveling!
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