Cheapest Austria Railcard
Hi..can someone help me out..I wana know what's the cheapest train ticket system...I have the oberosterriech family card too...but...like someone told me that the oebb year card is cheaper to use..... any idea?
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    It’s cheaper because it basically halves the ticket price. Only costs 19€ I believe
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    Its 19 if you're under 26 or travelling with a child. Otherwise its for 66
Answer @ 8/22/2017 12:07:19 PM by RBauerA78
1. Half price -- oebb 66 (online), 99 ( desk)
2. Westbahn tickets are usually even cheaper on special days and times.
3. If you commute a certain route often you can buy special seasonal/monthly tickets at the train station.
3. Yearly ticket allowing for all trains and bus and trams are also available. The cost is age dependent.
4. For some routes, if time is a factor then bus connections might be helpful.
5. The cheapest of all routes if time is not a factor is Walking or cycling.
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    6. Tickets are a lot cheaper if you buy them in advance. Obb has always good deals!

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