Brussels airport to Charleroi airport Time needed for transfer
Is it possible to go from Brussels airport to Charleroi airport within 2 and half hour? And how?
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Answer @ 4/24/2017 7:20:28 PM by forsakenrowboat
From Brussels airport to Brussel Midi train station it's around 20 min by train. From Midi to charleroi airport it's around 45 min by bus. I am not sure if there is a direct way.
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    Ok thanks, I think it's impossible. Just thought I might ask to see if anyone had a magic solution
Answer @ 4/22/2017 11:20:28 AM by normalceremony
You can go to midi station by train and then take a direct shuttle bus to Charleroi Aeroport. It takes around 1h to go from midi to Charleroi Aeroport by this bus. If you buy the ticket in advance, it should be cheaper :) Usually the bus is every 30 minutes. You can check the schedule here >https://www.brussels-city-shuttle.com/en#/
Answer @ 4/17/2017 1:20:28 AM by RobbeBaert
You can take a train from Brussels airport to Midi, change here and take a train to Charleroi Sud! And from the train station you can take the Bus A! For the train tickets http://www.sncb.be

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