How can people afford to live in Lisbon?
I am truly curious: if most people here earn less or around 1000 per month, and most of the apartment ads I see (not in the center) are for 800-1200, how do people live?

I guess if you are a couple and you both work you bring 500e each and you can survive, but seriously, I don't understand how the rental market keeps going, are all those who rent 80% of the apartments foreigners with foreign money? I have been wondering...
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Answer @ 1/15/2019 3:00:00 PM by Lubnan
They either:

Come from a wealthy family and don't need to worry even if they have such a salary.

All 3 generations of the family live under the same roof on a flat rented/bought sometime ago.

Rent a bedroom and share the flat with strangers.

Go live in the suburbs where is still cheaper for now.

The portuguese middle class and lower can't really afford most of the real estate in lisboa.
Answer @ 1/21/2019 1:00:00 PM by CourtneyH
I trully believe (I also want to believe it, to be honest) we're reaching the peak of the bubble now here in Lisbon (although authorities say there is no bubble).

I have a feeling this situation won't last for much longer. It's not sustainable.

Prices of real estate here are the same as in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, even some parts of London! And let's not even mention that any of those cities have a way higher income average.

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