Part time work in Chiang Mai
I am retiring from US in a few years and have been looking at Chiang Mai as a place to go. I also would like to work PT or start a small business. I'm gathering info and talking to some people but am sure to have many other questions. Thanks very much.
Answer @ 7/18/2017 8:14:40 PM by bigmcbear
its not easy to get a work permit...even if you buy a bar(for instance)youre not allowed to actually do any work in it.....the Thais are very strict on working in thailand .....you need to do a lot of research.....not trying to put you off,just giving you a heads up....
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    Ok thanks for that info. I was just wanting to PT in a bike shop or open small shop. Something in the outdoor business. I will have to do more research. What do you do there? How long have you lived there?
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    i dont do anything,except relax,swim,eat well,bicycle...ive retired...
Answer @ 7/17/2017 4:14:40 PM by DFBarnett
Forget about working, and just retire and spend your US$ here. Anyway, you won't have time to work... it takes forever to do nothing here 55555.
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    hahah-its a full time job doing nothing isn't it?
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    es, with "retiree skills" it can take all day to do nothing. But in Thailand no special skills are required. It took me 1.5 days (not elapsed time, actual driving queueing etc) to transfer ownership of a car and a motorbike that I had purchased - and that was after preliminary work of getting Certificates of Residence had been obtained. In Australia, it would have taken a few minutes.

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