Giving birth as expat in dublin
Dear expats. Are there any maternity hospitals around or close to Sandymouth, Blackrock or Donnybrook. Any recommendations on docs there pls?
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Answer @ 5/4/2017 12:27:06 PM by LDuval
The closest is the NMH in Dublin 2, near Merrion Square.
Answer @ 5/4/2017 5:27:06 PM by LAalto
I live in South Dublin as well and just a few months ago needed to check this: there are only 3 maternity hospitals in Dublin and Holles would be the closest one.
Answer @ 5/8/2017 8:27:06 AM by JulioOrtega
Holles street has a service called "Community Midwives". It is for people who would like to have a home birth. They come to your home for most checkups, the actual birth and follow up. Just so you know there is that option too. I know of people who had avail of this service as far as Bray.
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    Hi Julio, but holles has also other options noh? Like going private and having the same consultant?
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    They do, yes. Private only means that you can be in a room, instead of a ward. Everything else is exactly the same...
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    Now, I do not know what kind of service you are expecting, but here in Ireland you do not see a consultant (gynaecologist) on a regular basis during your pregnancy. They only turn up if they are required due to special circumstances. Normally the regular check ups, which are not even every month, are done by your GP, or a Community Midwife. We opted for the Midwife rather than the GP. Even during the birth you are assisted by a Midwife, not a co
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    ok I understood going private also means seeing the same consultant rather than midwife. It's all new to me and I am not even in the country yet.
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    I know, this notion of "private" is pretty unique. By the way, I would get used to the idea of not dealing with a consultant at all, regardless if you go private or public. Besides that, in our experience, you are better off with the Midwife than with the GP.

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