suggestions for a Hotel near the Port and near a self service laundromat.
We will be arriving into Barcelona (Oct. 2020) off the Constellation and are looking for suggestions for a Hotel near the Port and near a self service laundromat.

We will only be in Barcelona for one night before getting on another cruise. Thanks — looking for recommendations. We have been to Barcelona several times but always stayed at The Jazz.

Thought maybe we could try something different this time....and I definitely want to do laundry before getting back on a ship.
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    Considering Barcelona is a metropolitan city,staying closer to downtown will cost extra. I would recommend Hotel 1898 or Le Meridien since they are close to everything however their price point will be high.
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Here is a list of the hotels nearest to the port.


I would suggest that in the port area you are not likely to find too many laundrettes. Maybe Google it and then find a hotel nearby?

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    Laundromats are not easy to find. Try to do your laundry on the ship and enjoy your stay in Barcelona.

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