Co-working spaces BCN
I'm flying to Barcelona today. Any recommendations of good coworking spaces there or at least which part of the city would be better to stay? I haven't booked any hotel/hostel yet
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    I'm in Barcelona now. I hear the libraries are good to work from.
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    Good to know César.. Thanks Although I like more coworking spaces, seems more friendly for meeting other people
Answer @ 4/28/2017 7:25:00 PM by ManuelaXoX
Hi Pedro! I don't know about working spaces, but I stayed in Gracia neighborhood and loved It. Lots of things to do there and around, and fairly close to the center and beaches by metro.
Answer @ 4/28/2017 7:25:00 PM by JosefinaPastor
Apocapoc is mine, it's about 10€ per day with the 10 day pass first time to try is free. There is also Betahaus, transformers, impactHub. Cafes to work from: espai joliu in Poblenou, Alsur Cafe in born, Pulitzer hotel lobby and rooftop.. To stay Poblenou is great, cheaper and closer to the nice part of the beach. Born is central and cute but very busy. Poblesec is cool too. gracia more upscale, lots of options but furthest from the beach
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    Thanks Jose! Seems like Barcelona is a hot spot for digital nomads, so many cool cafés around. I came to FabCafe today, is great here.. I'll try one of the spots you suggested in the following days
Answer @ 4/28/2017 7:25:01 PM by cleverermeadowlark
I loved staying in Barceloneta, but it's not the cheapest of neighbourhoods. Great being near the beach, and it having a 'village' feel. Imagine they'll be some agencies in the narrow streets near the supermarket. Maybe they have a spare desk....

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