Electical equipment on cruise
I'm cruising on princess to Alaska for the first time next month.

Bit confused about what electrical equipment we can bring.

I read somewhere about extension cords with surge protectors: I have surge protector that does not have an extension cord - I'm wondering if that is legal - but I think I will leave it at home anyway...

For the wife she wants to bring an iron.
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    Hair curling irons are permitted - but irons that you use to press your clothes are not allowed. You are welcome to take your own hair dryer, they are provided though.
Answer @ 4/30/2018 11:00:00 AM by TyrellP1980
You can use irons and kettles as long as they have thermostats - that means they turn off when hot.

Standard blow dryer for hair are also fine.

You can bring surge protectors, but not ones that are integrated into extension cords.

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