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  • Main supermarket for La Massana
    Due to its central location and car park Garrallá is, and will continue to be, La Massana's primary supermarket. There is a branch of Caprabo on the other side of the "magic" roundabout; but this suffers through having a smaller product range, just being staffed by employees (not family owned), and the car park is not so convenient - although it does stay open slightly later. There is also a new Bon Areá coming in from Catalonia under construction at the other end of town; but it is very unlikely to dethrone Garrallá.

    It's not an enormous supermarket like the ones in La Vella, but it does have a reasonable selection of products for day-to-day consumption; during the low season they close at lunch, and often fresh bread and fresh milk do run out by the evening - so if it's important get there earlier.

    It's owned and run by the Garralla family - an old Andorran family. A sibling runs the chemists over the road. If you resident in Andorra and will purchase it regularly ask in store as they make special effort for their regulars - it might be possible for them to get the line in - they did this for me with some tinned smoked kippers that I'm fond of!
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