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  • Simore Scam - Their error on their own website cost me €100
    I'm a tri-national. I live in 3 countries. This makes my phone situation a little bit hard. I need local numbers in all 3 (for banks etc.) and to make reasonably price calls. To let people contact me WatsApp is a lifesaver as is Facebook and normal email too.

    I've got a dual SIM phone, of course. I'd love to buy a decent tri-SIM phone from a major manufacturer but they simply don't exist. So I've often be reduced to lugging around a separate phone, and fiddling around swapping SIMs at the border or on the plane - v. annoying.

    I bought myself a new phone - a Nokia 6 - last year. I looked around for multi-sim solutions and found this company. I found the G2 adapter was the device I needed. Takes 2 more SIMs and you connect via Bluetooth and an installed app. Doesn't give internet - I only want to receive SMS really.

    The order process is very slick, the website is very comprehensive. Order process seamless. Product arrived.. Very nice, excellent build quality. The company is Swiss.. I thought: Nice.. bit expensive, but maybe I paying for quality.

    Things started to go wrong when I installed the software on the phone. Looks like Android 4.0 or earlier. It was only then I went to the Play Store and read the reviews....

    Oh dear. Just 2.5 out of 5. I figured it was in need of upgrade, and what a let down after such a smooth process until then.

    So I went ahead and installed it anyway. It 'kinda' worked with the extra SIM.. for about 10 seconds. Then the phone would report that communications had been lost.

    I'm a busy guy, so I gave up. Maybe 2 month later I gave it another go. Same. Back in the drawer.

    After about 8 months since purchase we were going to the States, so annoyed.. I fished the damn thing out again. When you travelling around often your bank sends OTP SMS message if they think the transaction is fishy - I'd didn't want any delays on the holiday.

    I thought they might have upgraded the software - and a few internet searches later I found this was not the case, but did find a LOT of other disgruntled customers. Some it seemed had hardware incompatible with their phones. I thought I'd better check.

    Lo and behold my G2 Bluebox is NOT compatible with the Nokia 6

    This is strange... I'm sure I checked their page for compatibility???

    Sure enough.. The Nokia 6 page stated on their own website that it was compatible.

    There is a copy of the page in the Internet Archive

    When I contacted support the G2 Bluebox page had been edited to show that it only worked with Android 6 - but the Nokia 6 page still stated that it was compatible.

    Simore support told me...

    "We regret to inform you that as mentioned into our sales conditions "Stancom Sarl does not accept refund after the shipment of an order.""

    And offered me 10€ off my next purchase. I paid around 100€ initially. Absolutely hilarious.

    If a purchaser cannot believe the information written on a vendors site. And then they take no responsibility for their error... I'm afraid, no matter how good their product is when it does work... I will never give them any more money.
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