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    For anyone who doesn't know, people from much of the world are allowed to stay 365 days here, no need to get a visa. It's cheap, still warm (high 20s, but maybe not for long), you can get a SIM with 15 gb for $12 US, and there are some cheap flights from Europe. I got mine for £25 from London (Luton) with Wizz Air. It's also super easy to open a multi-currency bank account as a tourist (EUR/USD/Georgian Lari).
    I can't comment on much else as I've just arrived, but there should be some beautiful mountains and good hiking too.

    I'm not really a hiker, more of a walker and an occasional mountain gazer. Just thought someone else might be interested! Also, if your country is green on the map, that means you can enter Georgia without a visa (according to wiki)

    Georgians are known for their good hospitality. There are many guesthouses for $20-$25 (seems more common to share a bathroom though), and airbnb apartments I see for around $30 per night or less. This is for one person, short term. You can spend less if you look for it I'm sure. Hostels are less than $10 a night. The food is great too!
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