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  • Best value travel money prepay card there is! is a website where you can get travel money very easily and for a very good price. If you are prepared to wait for a week it is just 1% of the mid-market rate.

    They can offer such good rates by setting up other travellers who want your currency. You get a Mastercard; now it's important to note this doesn't work every time. But it does work often; and I've never had it not work in a ATM.

    I spend a lot of time abroad travelling and this is the best way to exchange cash; particularly if you take over 250 GBP out at a time - then there isn't even an ATM charge. Anything you buy in shops or restaurants is free to you - the establishment has to pay a %.

    Once you've been on holiday you can change any left over into the currency of your next destination. Amazing!
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