doctor I should seek advice Tokyo possible food allergy

Would anyone be able to guide me to which type of doctor I should seek advice for a possible food allergy/intolerance that does not appear on my skin? I can only find tests done at dermatologists, should I go there even if I don't get a skin reaction?

For more details : I'm suspecting caffeine or tannins... I get "sick" (nauseous and/or pains in my body like a flu) and sometimes get headaches too... for now it's not so hard to live with except that I am learning tea and thus drinking matcha very often... and I feel worse and worse each time

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Answer @ 1/19/2017 9:17:56 PM by yellow80wan
From personal experience, it’s really not possible to test for intolerances. You will probably have to do an elimination diet of sorts. I highly recommend reading It Starts With Food. Some things will seem ridiculous, but the book literally changed my life.
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    Thank you for your recommendation! Also I forgot to precise but the reaction is almost immediate, I just can't tell which one it is because both caffeine and tannins seem to be common in tea, coffee and chocolate, all of those I react to... for wine I am not sure if I could feel bad because of tannins or the alcohol (I almost never drink anymore...) ... so that's why I thought I should ask a professional
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    You may want to try visiting a general practitioner/internal medicine specialist and request an IgE blood test, which detects if there is an allergic response in the body. This test will not tell you the specific allergen, but it can be a starting point in diagnosing.

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