Passport ID for money exchange in Romania
Do you have to have a passport to exchange euro for lei in a bank?
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    Yes or country ID
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    I have military ID they wouldnt take it. I didnt have my passport with me at the time...
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    I don't think they will but you can ask any Romanian to change for you using his ID if it's not big amount
Answer @ 8/27/2017 6:23:59 PM by forsakenrowboat
It's possible I have done it without ID but you need to get a sympathetic exchange person and put on a confused tourist act. You might have better luck exchanging it at one of the smaller exchange places banks are pretty strict.
Answer @ 11/14/2017 7:12:50 PM by FERNMAN
Yes,definitely have your passport at all times... If you KNOW / Trust someone who lives there, that has a bank account in the country already; they can do the exchange for /with you at their bank. Also most ATMs/Bancomats will take the usa debit cards and give you local currency, out of your checking account.

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