Differences between Disneyland Tokyo and EuroDisney
We thinking about Disneyland Tokyo, Has anyone been? Is it very different from Paris?
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    I have been in Paris and Orlando and they are 95% identical, so I imagine that Tokyo will be almost the same.
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    So it's not worth going to Orlando? We have been in Paris and we were planning to make Orlando in 2017
Answer @ 3/5/2017 9:00:38 AM by Rocío
For me seeing and experiencing Disney in America (if you can pay the price for it) is the deepest. Because Disney is American, and the staff and surroundings. However I do not recommend going for Magic Kingdom, it's 95% the same as in France - if you have already been to Paris. Although it may be worthwile visit Disney's Animal Kingdom there. My recommendation is that unless you are Disney mad, then try to visit USA Disney, and your nearest Disney like Hong Kong or Tokyo. No need to see others.

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