Working remotely from a Buenos Aires home - possible?
Does anybody have experience working remotely from a Buenos Aires home connecting with US/Europe daily? I'm curious to hear if you have a good experience with your internet services as I know most of them are not always reliable/fast enough. And/or which solutions have you found for this problem. Thanks for your input.
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    When i was there the problem were the random power outages. So Adsl and a good ups was a solution
Answer @ 1/18/2017 8:06:04 AM by cunningbackup
I'm working remotely with a company in Texas and I haven't had any issues. We moved here in August and the connection has been just fine. We use Fibertel.
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    really? that's so good to know! I read people complaining about their internet services in twitter and how unresponsive they are and I was wondering if working remotely in a reliable way was even possible. Thanks so much! May I ask you in which area of BA do you live?
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    In Recoleta.

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