Bucharest to Constanta by train
I want to go from Bucharest to Constanta by train this week. Does anyone know how much it costs with a return ticket? And can I buy the ticket at Gara de Nord? Thank you
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    about the price u can learn about them from here https://www.cfrcalatori.ro and I guess u can buy it from gara de nord - not sure tho
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    You can go buy the ticket at Gara de Nord, yes and the ticket I believe is somewhere around 60 lei.
Answer @ 3/25/2017 2:30:23 PM by Atena1974
You can also go to the CFR agencies and buy tickets especially if you want to buy them well in advance, like over a week. I think there is an agency at Romana. Sometimes at Gara de Nord they're fussy if you're buying the ticket a few days in advance, but I've been able to go buy them a week in advance from Gara de Nord.
Answer @ 3/19/2017 2:30:23 PM by Lis81
Instead of CFR (normal trains), go by Softrans (www.softrans.ro)... It is a private company with way much better trains, much better prices and much quicker... In the trains they have wifi... Also they have coffee and snack machines which have "normal" prices, not "gara" prices... Just check out their website, you can thank me later
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    Too bad it only has 2 routes and only 1 train per day though...
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    still... makes the train ride so much joyful... I would advise it without a doubt or hesitation...
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    Oh yeah definitely. If it's better than cfr then screw it, I can organise my schedule around the one train per day. It's a shame they don't have more routes and I have to waste an entire day every time I go visit my folks. 5 hours on the train although it used to be 3 hours 40 years ago

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