What is it like in Abu Dhabi in July?
What area do I want to stay in in Abu Dhabi? Hotel recommendations? I have NO idea about ANYTHING there... not interested in sunbathing or laying around the pool. I could do that home, but I'm not allowed to go in the sun for a year now... what do you do there? Am I crazy to go to this part of the world in July?
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    Thanks so much to everyone! I'm thinking I might fly through china (Guangzhou) instead of UAE. The heat is terrifying. Im just adding rest/sight seeing time in between my flights to/from Brisbane and Rome. Also, the Middle East just got less interesting to see about 4 hours ago ...
Answer @ 2/10/2017 9:12:47 PM by bumpyweightlifting
80 percent Indian men. You will get alot of offers of sex for money. However the best thing about Dubai is that you can fly to Iran. It is very nice there.
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    Perfect. That's what I'm looking for in a vacation, who will pay me the most for sex!
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    Um, I have lived here for 7 years and never once been offered sex for money by any Indian. Maybe I am not their cup of tea, but seriously, that is not a common occurrence! And they are only 30% of the population.
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    It was a joke Indian but there are 80 percent men and they are agressivs.
Answer @ 2/10/2017 12:12:47 PM by cloudichild
Skip UAE and go straight to Oman! Abu Dhabi is high-rise central in giant malls… If you want authentic Arabia, go to Muscat… I just got back from two weeks in Oman and it was exceptional. We had two days in Abu Dhabi and I could not wait to leave all of the mosque is worth seeing for sure. I'm sure there are great parts to Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE however
Answer @ 2/5/2017 10:12:47 PM by outgoingcooler
There's a big water park and a Ferrari world too if you are taking the kids! However yes July/august are the worst times to visit I have to say weather wise. But a great stopover if that's all you are doing! UAE to be honest is not "proper" Middle East though! Very 5* and vegas but without the casinos! And I believe you'd miss Ramadan as it is earlier this year...
Answer @ 2/5/2017 11:12:47 AM by reassuringhatchetfi
If you are looking for a place to stay, I would recommend the corniche area, although everything is easily accessible by taxi or uber. If you want to stay by the airport then Yas Island is great. It will be REALLY hot, but I think of that as a selling point for visits. I think everyone should experience it once in their lives, you really cannot believe how hot it is till you are in it. Go to the mosque, do a city tour, Emirates Palace spa, do a desert safari for sure, camel rides,do a day tour of Dubai. Don't know if they do hammams in Australia but highly recommend them here as a way to relax and stay out of the sun. Emirates Palace and Anatara Eastern Mangroves (also a great place to stay) have great ones. Go to Nolu's for breakfast or lunch either on the corniche or by the airport, my favorite Abu Dhabi restaurant. Nothing fancy, but make a great salad and soup. It was started by a chick from California that has an Afghani mother
Answer @ 2/5/2017 10:12:47 PM by dashingcrownjewels7
We stayed in Abu Dhabi last year, we flew with UEA, they were fabulous. We booked a private vehicle to take us to the hotel, well worth it. I'll try and find the hotel we stayed at, it was really nice. We only stayed overnight on our way to Paris. We only planned on sleeping but on our way, we saw the Grand Mosque and decided to go visit it. It was spectacular. Best advice i can give is to dress conservatively. We went in August and it was 45 degrees, very hot!
Answer @ 2/9/2017 10:12:47 AM by crazymullet
Yes you are crazy to go in July. Its like living on the sun. That being said, You should stay on Yas Island or Sadiyat Island or at Meridian.

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