How long is the Octopus Card in Hong Kong Valid?
We were in Hong Kong in April 2016 and are planning to go back next year around the same time. We had the superb Octopus Cards to travel around with. Last time we took a cab (since we didn't have the Octopus). This time we could use the Octopus Cards but don't know if these ones - they had a fair bit of credit on - will still work? Might they need to be "re-enabled" by a member of staff - in which case is there a Customer Service desk at the Airport?
Answer @ 3/19/2017 2:16:26 AM by pbkjbeck
We were in Hong Kong in Oct 2016. Never bothered getting an Octopus card. We caught a lot of trains and used the Ding Dings a few times too. We were told the Octopus Card costs money to get and then the fares are dearer if you use it than paying at the time, and any money left on the card when you leave is lost too. Not sure if that means it would not work on a return visit though. Hope this helps.
Answer @ 3/22/2017 8:45:37 AM by DempseyC
The Octopus Cards are valid for 1000 days but they will deactivate if no money is added during this period. If you haven't used it for three years or longer, you can re-activate it at any MTR service center.
Answer @ 12/29/2016 8:11:05 AM by lehoang
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