Guy parking in front of our house entrance
What can I do if someone all ways parks in front of my door (door to parking space of the house) so I have to park in the street and pay f***ing traffic tickets.

This is not a thing for the Police i assume, but does anyone know a number so either a traffic cop comes and writes a ticket or a towing company that can move a car legally?

Preferably a towing company! Whats the procedure here?

While I am just some pissed of dude who can‘t conveniently park, there are two older woman in my house as well that have to be able to drive inside to get to their apartments normally.

So what to do to fight this great injustice. Help me to help them and myself.
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Answer @ 2/17/2019 4:00:00 AM by sorriestbucket
Its a question whether the space is your house’s property or public parking place.

If the first you need to put (even paint) a big no parking sign.

If its a common public place then anyone can park there and you have no choice but do what everyone else does, look for a parking place.
Answer @ 2/18/2019 10:00:00 AM by TihamrS91
If they are blocking the entrance to a property, like a driveway, then that is clearly illegal.

Stopping is limited to five or ten minutes in such a situation, otherwise it's considered waiting (parking) and is illegal.

I haven't had to deal with such a thing, but my inclination would be to talk with the police about it.

A warning note on the car might be a good first step, or a conversation with the person who is leaving the car there.

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