You can now use the Question and Answer service completely by email

Most websites require you to be on the website to add questions, or post answers and comments.  

Now you can ask, answer, comment and complete travel questions via email by using our Travel Questions by Email service. The whole process can be completed without going near the website.  This is an innovative solution from Red Planet Travel.

Sometimes it is more convenient to ask travel questions via email. Maybe you are on a ship with a low-bandwidth connection, or maybe you only have access to a older or low-end computer or phone. Or maybe you just don't want the hassle of having to log into a computer, or prefer to compose completely offline.

Screen capture of email showing Answer Response

You need to have previously signed up for an account at Red Planet Travel, and verified your email address. Once that is done, feel free to drop us a Question to It will be posted onto the site, and will soon be answered by one of our enthusiastic members.

Answers are emailed back to you, as well as being available on site, and you can reply with comments to help the community help you.

You will earn Reputation Score for good quality researched questions and answers, and can enrol in the Travel Tip$ program and get cash payments to your PayPal account from anyone who appreciates your contribution.

Just one thing to be aware of: Most email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Web mail sites like Gmail will automatically include the original message when you hit Reply. You should highlight this text and delete it before responding as, unlike in an email where it's useful to see this, if you don't, the whole thread will get posted again and again in each "Answer" on the site - which is not useful. Same goes for signatures etc, that tend to clog up the on-page layout if included in the email.

If you are on a low-bandwidth connection you can also set the emails to be sent Text-Only in the settings in your account.

 Proceed to sign up for a free Red Planet Travel account to use the service.