Everybody needs to get around!

And if you make it easier for them to get around to your place, and you in the business of making money, or promoting something, or getting to people to talk, or.. you get my drift...   You will make more money, or promote things easier or get more more people talking.

How we can help

Red Planet Travel offer point-to-point travel planning across the globe.  No matter where your customers, collegue or friends are they can plan their route to you using our system.

This will make it more likely they will come and see you.

How you can make it even easier 

You can prefill the Destination (To:) box on our home page with your address.  That means that whoever is coming to visit you only needs to put their address in the Origin (From:) box, click Go and we'll do the rest.

This makes errors less likely and also means less typing for your visitors.

You can then Copy/Paste the link and put it on your own website, emails, Twitter or Facebook and if you use the short url version (which is more suitable for printing out) put it on business cards, meeting notes, invitations etc.

To make your own link now go to the Link Builder

How to get a link from Red Planet Travel

We work with all types of businesses in the Travel Industry, and more.  If you are a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel or have an attraction like a fun park or Museum, provide an activity like Surfing or Scuba, or have a Tour company then we can work with you.

Please sign up for a user account, then find your business' page on the site (using the DESTINATIONS search at the top of the page), and click the button to become Page Location Owner.

You can even promote additional business types on Red Planet Travel by thinking out-of-the-box:  Take for example a Wedding Planner - you know about hotels in a certain region, how suitable for a wedding reception they are, how romantic previous clients of your have found it.  Why not contribute this information on each of the pages of the hotels?  Your Profile page is linked from each and every contribution you make; and you can link and describe your Business from your profile page.