We love your feedback

Red Planet Travel is all about our community helping each other find out exactly what you need to know about places before you get there.

Two mechanisms we have for doing this are page drop boxes and reviews with capacities.

Page drop boxes

On every place page we provide a drop box - you can submit information/data and images about the place there.

It's like a real drop box - it is "one-way" only, that is, you can't change your drop once it's done.

But don't worry, drop box data is inspected and validated by more senior members of our community and if the information is useful, and if necessary backed up by supporting images or video then it will be included on that page's Page Sections that appear further up.

You can submit information anonymously, and/or mark it for the owner/manager of the place (we call that Page Location Owner-only).

This way you can tell us genuinely what it the situation in any given place without fear of comeback - as long as you back up your findings with evidence, it will be included on the page.

Page drop boxes are convenient too - you can submit via a form (no login required), or via email if that is simpler (useful if you have picture attachment on your phone and are on the road).

Anyone can make drop box submissions (you don't need an account), but we do recommend you sign up because if your submission is deemed useful by the page crew community members, you can make a start gaining Reputation Score which leads to opening up lots of possibilities to interact more on Red Planet Travel.


After you've made a few drops into the Page drop boxes, and maybe asked and answered a few questions your Reputation Score will have increased to such a level that you can make Reviews.

Look for this section on any page:

Click the + sign and the review module will open.

Ensure you have fully filled in your Profile in your User Account home page (you will need to be logged on to do this).  This will allow you to Sign your Reviews with your Capacities.

How to write a good review?

Just telling us it's great/or terrible is OK.  But not that useful.

Think "Why", "Who", "Where", "What" and "When".   Go through those terms and write the review with respect to them.

  • What happened?
  • Who is involved?
  • Where did it take place?
  • When did it take place?
  • Why did that happen?

Do it from your perspective; we call and specify these as your capacities.

So for example say you're the dad of 2 kids, you went to an Amusement Park in the north of England while on holiday in August tell it from your perspective so others get a feel for it.    

Your capacities should be able to supply a great deal of depth to the review.

For more information on information gathering you can use this table as a framework to help.

Where should you write reviews?

Well, clearly for places you've actually been recently :)

But seriously, write Reviews of places where your Capacities will give your views weight.  Reviewing places where your experience, job or past jobs and status give you a special insight are most valuable and will help your Reviews, which can be voted on by other members of the community for accuracy and correctness, will gain you the most Reputation Score.

We suggest you carefully read the existing page sections and reviews on the page. It is not so useful to have hundreds of reviews saying more or less the same thing.

If there are similar ones to one you'd likely make then upvoting an existing Page Section or Review is the correct way to reinforce those facts.  

If you've got something a little more to add, you can always use the page drop box to add something little that might not justify a whole Review.

If there isn't a review with what you've got to say or with your particular Capacities that will add weight to what you have to say - then fire away and add your comments - you can add photos to support your views.

Taking it to the next level

Even the most elder members of our community are recommended to write regular Reviews of new places they visit, there is a time limit that Reviews are displayed for; as things change for the better and for the worse.  So we need a constant stream of reviews to maintain our data and place information.

If you are particularly familiar with a place, and intend to keep going there - then why not apply for Page Captaincy of that place?  Page Captains are senior members of our community who have committed to maintaining a particular page and its information.  In return you can gain Reputation Score from other members of the community.

If you haven't signed up with Red Planet Travel now would be a good time to start.