Link Builder for Journey Planning

Show people how to get to you more easily

On this page you can create a link to help visitors come and visit you.
If you are a business, a shop or other location, or an organisation that has meeting or events then you can make it easier for people to come to you by providing them with a custom page on Red Planet Travel.
This page can have your Address prefilled in, and can have your logo or photo to help them even more.
Fill in the form below and the page will be generated for you.

  • Your Address
  • Your Organisation Name (optional)
  • E.g. Your company name or building: Acme Widgets Ltd. or Empire Building
  • Link Text (optional)
  • The words on the link e.g. ' how to find us'. if you enter nothing either your address or company name will show.
  • Logo (optional)
  • The Url of a logo or picture to be included on the page. E.g. http://mywebsite/logo.jpg (Max 200px). Must be permanently available somewhere on your own website or elsewhere on the internet.
  • Do most people come to you by car? (optional)
  • Link (for website, email signatures)
  • Choose ShortUrl Code (optional)
  • Max 6 Chars, Case Insensitve. A short Url can be generated. This is useful if you want to use the link outside of your website as the Links generated can be long. You can specify it to make it more memorable if you want e.g. - Up to six characters or just take an autogenerated code.
  • ShortUrl (for Tweets, Facebook, Emails)