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    The car park is nice and big, there is a tatty play area for the kids for use in Summer; it's old and needs a paint job but was of quality manufacture. The aspect is beautiful, pretty much on its own in the valley, with meadows to the north and by the fast flowing river.

    In the summer it would be nice with little garden and lots of bird nest boxes on the trees. There are a few chairs and tables outside.

    Old rustic feel inside, but very crammed in seating layout. Chairs not comfortable. Nice looking grill in the corner with someone slaving over it.

    Annoyingly you need give your email address to access the free WiFi. Friendly professional waiter server (camareros) and an older lady who took our order. Sadly most of the “typical” menu was not. available. I had duck which was not gamey at all (good I don’t want it over-gamey) and a tomato and baked potato.

    Overall: As “bordas” in Andorra go average really. Price was 100 € for 4 of us including a 25€ bottle of wine – but it 2 adults and 2 kids and we didn’t have starters or desserts.

    Cost 1€ each for the bread is a little picky - and note everything gets 4.5% tax added on; most places in Andorra show the inclusive price; not this one.

    Many times as I've driven past it the windows are all steamed up - I'm not frankly a fan of this phenomenon - the building is very old accepted, but other restaurants in Andorra of this age don't have that condensation-inside effect.
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