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  • First test of Pho in France
    After our trip of Vietnam I was keen to see if the Vietnamese immigrants to France are able to reproduce the same kind of sensations I was able to get out there. Well they can. I was passing through Toulouse and this place was very convenient for the bus/train station. Just a few blocks in (but of a rough neighbourhood which might put off some), but there are a cluster of Vietnam and Chinese restaurants in what must be the immigrant quarter. I was on my own so just go a Pho. The server spoke English just fine. It was empty when I arrived as the first customer at 7pm just as he was stocking up, but by the time I left at 8.30pm it was busy. Fresh chopped chilli was served, after I rejected the paste that they offered first - a must for me with any Asian dish. Will be back with the family to try more on the menu next time I can pass through.
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