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  • Rough service, OK Pizza, Tourist Place
    Andorra is a tourist town, make no mistake about that. Pizzeria la Piazza does appear to cater mainly for tourists however. It is centrally located, just off one of the main thoroughfares, and in a little square behind the Super U shopping centre.

    I ordered a Tramonti which is on the premium list: It was nice thin crispy bread and the jamon was good quality. My son had a nice piece of chicken with some chips.

    My wife can be hard work (requesting deviations from the menu), and this time was no exception. She asked for "extra garlic". The waiter gave a funny look, but that request is no so strange. She always ask for extra garlic on her pizza. The supermarkets around here are full of bulbs of garlic. Anyway when it arrived they'd dumped a load of powered garlic onto it. Oh dear. Anyway she ate my pizza and grab some chicken from the lad.

    I did mention this to the waiter but he wasn't interested and wouldn't even look at me. I didn't want a refund or anything I just wanted him to know that we were expecting fresh garlic. He sent some other waiter to take our money. This backups other's experience of somewhat poor service.
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