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  • Ship shape quick service
    This place is busy, and rightly so. Luckily we had a friend who held the table for us (group of 7) as we were maybe 2 mins later than the booked time. They'd told her that if we weren't there pronto, they'd give the table away - fair enough; they have high turnover and a big queue - breezing in 30mins late (not-untypical) is unacceptable at this place. Once in - the food comes very fast. I had a "Andorrana" pizza from the gourmet pizza menu which had lumps of meat on - good. But it was a little short of cheese. Mum had a lovely looking steak from the specialities menu which they did "well done" for her - good. The kids love the thin crust pizzas, and the goats cheese salad was good too.
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