Tasty spanish food. Warm and cosy, Nice sun terrace. RESTAURANT EL SOLA Review

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  • Tasty spanish food. Warm and cosy, Nice sun terrace.
    Centrally located in Canillo - next to the Palau de Gel. I've seen this place many times and finally got to go: ski season is on, and it's a weekday lunch. It was a sunny day and I like eating outside - you can see this place has a big terrace from the street. But they not serving up there - shame. Anyway it is lovely and warm inside - I can see a big oven in the far end. No problem. No problem. A few minutes later the ground floor is full and I can see them directing new diners upstairs - where I wanted to be. Anyway.. Appetisers are served - black pudding & normal sausage. Very nice, fresh bread. I love spanish-style sepia and it came good. The kids meals was chicken and chips; that was good too - the fries were a cross between crisps and chips which was different and interesting. The wife had goats cheese salad which she commented the cheese was a good one. Glass of house wine was 3euros, was OK quality, not fantastic.
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