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    We were recommended by the hotel reception to go to the Old Iceland restaurant over the road. But it doesn't take reservations and the wait was 1 hour. Even then they couldn't guarantee a table and with 2 kids it wasn't gonna fly.

    I crossed the road and found this place. Menu prices seemed a bit lower than what I'd seen over the road.. but i didn't check in detail - but no queue.

    Plain decor and no airs or graces service. Wife had Char fish.. which was like salmon in taste and look. I had some very pleasant cod. 1 beer and she had a glass of wine. Kids were relegated to tap water... approx 4euros a coke (forget it) and were ok sharing a lamb and chips.. just as well, as the bill was just under 100 GBP. We finished every morsel.

    Wife was upset they kept the door open even though she said it was cold. It was the hottest day in Iceland for 100 years today 😀 according to the coach driver. So maybe we let them off this time.

    Verdict: Turn up earlier and get into the Old Iceland.
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