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  • Slightly bad taste in mouth after "free" introduction, but let's see
    As someone that spends most of his time spread out between the UK, Spain and Andorra I wind up with a lot of bank accounts and lots of mobile phone SIMs.

    Revolut looks like an interesting solution to the banking problem. I've just ordered the card, and so far, a little bit miffed :(

    The product looks great. But there is a hidden 5GBP delivery charge that you only see way down the line; after Enter phone number, get Google Play store app link, download and install app, then another SMS to verify, then you have to top up, enter bank details, then you enter postal address for card delivery WHAM.. that's the first time any delivery cost has been mentioned. is similar product, and I can vouch there are no charges at all to get that delivered.

    Naughty naughty in my book. Let's see how the product pans out... Big USA trip coming up soon!
    • Revolut website with pricing.  On the Free model there is no cost mentioned at all.
    • Now about 10 steps into the process I get hit with "Upgrade" option, or pay.
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