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  • Good views Good Fish Restaurant near Carthage
    Undoubtedly the view is fantastic and the building large and opulent. Good place to get fish dinners, the people in our group enjoyed theirs.

    The waiter suggested he bring seafood starters; which were octopus (good), and calamari deep fried rings (the calamari was good, but I probably wouldn't have knowingly chosen them).

    Then there was a longish delay. We had a lot of kids with us. Eventually it all turned up, most of the meals capped with those dome things the french often use to keep things warm.

    Everyone enjoyed the meal, wine was flowing. The kids then went back with one of our party and a few of us remained to chat.

    I was paying for everyone as we've been staying at our friends villa nearby. The waiter presented me with the bill. It was around 225 GBP which was fine, and what I expected. He also asked me in perfect English if I wanted to put a tip. This put you "on the spot", rather than a "discretion", but anyway the service was what I would have expected, and I conferred with my local friend who told me a 10% charge was normal.

    I then politely took the opportunity to tell the waiter that I thought he should have brought the kids meals when they were ready rather than the long wait and storage that occurred to effect bringing all the meals at once - he then could not understand me; I found this slightly offputting that he was prepared to, in effect, force a tip - but then didn't expect to have to listen to any suggestions. At this price point I would expect someone to speak English to a reasonable level.

    Overall: Nice place for views, maybe go at lunch time. Order everything yourself. Wine was 15Euro a bottle - wasn't that good. Might have to spend a little more if you want a nice taste.
    • Terrace
    • Kids steak meal
    • Exterior very fancy
    • 40s
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