Expensive, but quality dining in Andorra, Soldeu Resort Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa 5* Review

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  • Expensive, but quality dining in Andorra, Soldeu Resort
    It is a nice building, lovely solid log-built mega cabin if you like; and the reception has that rarefied air you get in 5 star hotels, nodding receptionist, moody lighting and expensive architectural magazines casually lying around. If that's your thing (and who doesn't fancy that once and while) then read on.

    There are two restaurants here; you go downstairs for this one, and the other (I think marginally cheaper) is to the right from the main entrance on the same level.

    Service is excellent as you'd expect; English is spoken well, and you're treated with the utmost respect. Jackets off please, and enjoy the attention.

    When there is daylight in the evening, and during winter lunchtimes of course you can get a great view of the pistes very close, on the other side of the steep valley. Would be good for rich grandparents to dine and look out for their offspring and so on.

    We had the Fois Gras and Senyoret rice to start - the rice is good: very much like Valencian Paella (there was a lot and was a bit heavy for one person I glad the wife was helping me out), and the Fois was nothing to write about I'm afraid - maybe the taste was overriding by the saltiness of the rice.

    Mains we had Pulpo (octopus) and mini-cuttlefish. These seafoody dishes are the cheapest on the menu in many places in Andorra (this one was no exception), and I do like them now (after 10 years of living in Iberia), as they are very low in fat and I love the taste. The taste is acquired - no way would we have ordered these 10 years ago - and I suspect the pulpo served here which has a somewhat smoky tinge is probably a good property; but at the moment I do prefer a slightly softer favour which is available in less expensive restaurants.

    The meal came with excellent pre-starter nibbles and breads - lay off the bread if you having the Rice as that is a BIG first plate.

    Overall probably a winner if you in Soldeu and have some cash to burn for a top end experience. I wouldn't bother coming all the way up here from La Vella as there are excellent options down there; unless you particularly want to see the slopes or have some other reason to be here.
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