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  • Dina Nath Haveli: A Cradle of legacy Culture and Bygone Architecture
    Havalies or mansions of Walled City are the prestigious and eminent characteristic of rich culture and heritage in Lahore. Lahore has possessed some of the most elegant and historical mansions and monuments built by Mughals, Sikhs and British that still demonstrate the glorious past of this magnificent city. Amidst, Haveli Dina Nath is at the top of the list and a must see site while visiting Lahore. A trip to Lahore is incomplete without visiting Haveli of Dina Nath in Walled City. However, to reach the Haveli, approach Pholo wali Gali (Flowers’s street) near Delhi Gate as it resides inside the gate. The Haveli is the cultural heritage as you can see all types of local and international visitors over there. As I inquired from locals, Dina Nath was a Pandit (Priest) who belonged to Kashmiri family. He was also the caretaker of a famous temple in Walled City and finance minister of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Furthermore, Dina Nath had not built this mansion, he only purchased from Sikh Ruler Ranjit Sikh. The architecture of Haveli Dina Nath is more like Mughal structure due to the many fountains in the courtyard and red sandstone work at walls. It is also believed that one of the rooms of Haveli had been used as a temple in past. Nowadays, the Haveli is the most attractive tourist site in Lahore but some of the portions have purchased by local residents for their families. Currently, more than 20 families are residing in the Haveli of Dina Nath. There is no fee to visit this Haveli and you can reach there by hiring a rickshaw or taxi in 100/200 Rs. From circular road.
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