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  • Gates of Lahore: The Visual Insight of Lahore
    Mughal Emperors had fortified Lahore by constructing 9 meters high brick wall and 13 gates. The circular road of Lahore is the main access point to approach these monumental gates; listed below;
    1. Dehli Gate
    2. Roshani Gate
    3. Akbari Gate
    4. Yakki Gate
    5. Bhatti Gate
    6. Shera Wala Gate
    7. Mori Gate
    8. Masti Gate
    9. Taxali Gate
    10. SheraWala Gate
    11. Shah Alam Gate
    12. Mochi Gate
    13. Kashmiri Gate
    At present, only a few are survived in their original structure but most of them have destroyed and need immediate repair due to their deteriorate condition. Let me give you a brief review about all these gates
    Delhi Gate
    The most famous gate is Delhi gate, built by Mughal Emperor Akbar. Situated on the eastern side of the Walled City of Lahore, it opened towards the Delhi City of India. You can visit it during 6 Am to 10 pm.
    Sherawala Gate
    The former name of this gate was Khizri gate and a ferry service was also run over there during Mughal’s era. In the reign of Sikh Ruler Ranjit Singh, two lion’s cages were set outside the gate which gave it fame with the name of Sherawala (Lion’s Gate). Today, it is only used as a passage to Lahore’s huge cloth market called Azam Cloth Market.
    Kashmiri Gate
    This gate is located in the north of Walled City and got recognition since it was opened to Kashmir valley. People who are living around Kashmiri gate are mostly called natives of Kashmir.
    Masti Gate
    The first name of this gate was Masjidi Gate as adjacent streets of this gate were led to the old mosque of Begum Mariam Zamani who was the mother of Emperor Akbar.
    Roshani Gate
    Locally means gate of lights, this gate was also built to access the main city of Lahore and lit by thousands of lights. Currently, this is the only gate among 13 which structure still exist in its original form. Due to the proximity of Badshahi Mosque, this gate is the most visited gate of Walled City.
    Bhati Gate
    This gate is located on the southern side of Walled City and named after Bhatti, an ancient Rajput Tribe of India.
    Lahori Gate
    This gate is near to Bhati gate and surrounded by many shops and market. Named after the establishment of Lahore City, this gate is the oldest gate of the Walled Akbari.
    Mori Gate
    This gate is the smallest gate among 13 gates of Lahore and located between Bhati and Lohari gates. Now it is used to remove the liter and waste of Walled City.
    Shah Alam Gate
    This gate named after Mohammad Moazzam Shah Alam Bahadur who was the son and heir of Emperor Aurangzeb. He was a very kind and generous ruler and died in Lahore. These days, famous markets of crockery, toys, electronics and cosmetics are working nearby this gate.
    Mochi Gate
    Mochi Gate is located at the entrance of Mochi Bagh and name mochi due to many cobblers (Mochis) shops in this area. At present, Mochi gate comprises big markets and shops of fireworks, kites and dry fruits.
    Taxali Gate
    Taxali gate is called Taxali because of the mint that was founded near it in Mughal's period. it was a very important place for financial matters. Though the gate does not exist now but the popular show market of Lahore is operating vigilantly there.
    Akbari Gate
    This huge gate was named after Emperor Akbar who actually built this town and citadel of Lahore. The enormous grain market of the city is also located there and designated as Akbari Mandi.
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